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The business options listed on this page allow you to build a better life by starting a business,improving your health, helping others transform their health, and building wealth. Our mission buildinghelps you find the love of your life, and then the two of you plan, design, and build your dream life. 

  • Find is done by dating with PURPOSE, which is done by knowing what you want in a life partner and not settling for less.
  • Plan is to set realistic goals when dating.Make changes in your life to match what you desire from others.
  • Design is done after you have met your partner.The two of you work together to build a better life.
  • Build is you take the stress out of the relationship by keeping your personal growth (Happiness, Health, and Life), your life desires, and your financial growth in the relationship at the top of your priorities list.

It said that “Money is the root of all evils.”Most people seek stability in each dating partner’s capacity to be a great provider or add to the financial growth. However, it is one of the main reasons relationships and marriages fail; not enough money is made, or the debt is more than the income.Therefore, to improve your attractiveness to eligible daters, you must improve theirhealth and wealth.On this page, you are providing several opportunities to increase your health and wealth in starting a business that will support your overall outcome of building generational wealth andhelp you live a happy and healthier life.


Your health is your wealth!Therefore, your health in your life should be your #1 priority before dating.It is important to develop a new relationship with the right mental mindset, healthy, and wealth creation vision.The right mental mindsetbegins clearing your mind and allowing yourself to heal from the past.This clearing and healing don’t stop at the past relationship; it is learning different self-care methods for your mind, body, and spirit.The quickest path to purging the past is to cleanse the body, cleanse the mind of negative thinking, and if you wish to lose weight, cleanse your internal organs to set you on the path of healing from the inside out.We can help with a custom meal plan program designed to jump-start your weight loss, cleanse your colon, and remove the inflammation from your body.

A customized meal plan is especially important for those trying to lose weight, build muscle, or improve athletic performance. Doctors and dietitians evaluated and designed our Meal Plans and Health Modification Programs on provide balanced, healthy, nutrient-rich meals that are also delicious!Pre-planned meal plans provide variety as you start creating healthy and nutritious meals.

The Meal Plan Program and APP are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Meal planning
  • Understanding and counting calories
  • Reading and understanding food labels
  • Tracking macronutrient intake (protein, carbohydrates, and fat)
  • Tracking nutritional content (vitamins, minerals, and fiber)
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Fueling workouts
  • Finding recipes
  • Forming positive eating habits

If you are on the mission to lose weight or transform your health, our meal plans are designed to teach NEW ways of eating nutritious meals to speed up your journey to lose weight with healthy eating habits. Each meal plan template teaches a 7-day rotation which can be followed for several weeks until your new habits are in place. Food exchanges can be done to revise plans to meet your personal food preferences. If you get bored with your meal plan, you can select from other meal plan types available within your subscription plan.


  • An expanded variety of meal plans
  • The weekly check requires enrollment into the Health Coaching Program
  • Video exercise program

Nutrition Apps – Health Journey Pro APP

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Healthy Journey Pro – Business Edition was developed for Professionals, Physicians, Nurses, Exercise Leaders, Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Wellness Experts, and more! – All meal plans are evaluated and designed by doctors and dietitians. Using our program helps professional provides balanced, easy-to-use, healthy, nutrient-rich meals to the clients, and these meals are also delicious! Pre-planned meal plans provide variety as you start creating healthy, nutritious meals. Our program helps you manage your clients more efficiently and sets them on the path to better health.

Serve Every Client

Some Of The Typical Applications













Monthly Pricing

Healthy Journey Business Professionals

Up to 10 profiles – $99.99

Up to 25 profiles – $159.95

Up to 50 profiles – $199.95

Up to 100 profiles – $399.95

Up to 250 profiles – $459.95

Up to 500 profiles – $659.95

Up to 1000 profiles – $999.95

Up to 2500 profiles – $2,599.95

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A one-time activation fee of $99 plus your first month’s billing of $99.99 is needed to get started. Your continued monthly subscription will be billed according to the total number of profiles listed in your account. Your subscription requires a 30-day notice for cancellation.
Summary – The price for new membership is $99.00 plus $99.99, equaling $198.99.
The membership price is $198.99 now and then $99.99 per Month.


In the past, supplements have been given a raw deal! However, most don’t know that it has been known for quite some time that our soil has been depleted of its vital minerals. U.S. Senate document #264 states that Americans are mineral deficient due to depleted minerals in the U.S. farm soil. The Soil Depletion Report was published in 1936, and our farmers are only required to put three trace minerals back into the soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Therefore, our foods are deficient in over 77 trace minerals that we need to sustain our health. If you wish to stay healthy or transform your health, it is critical to supplement your diet; How can you stay healthy with only getting 3 out of 77 that is need we recommend you get the 90 For Life Vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy and fight off disease? You can’t! The lack of minerals in the soil that grows the food is why Americans are the biggest people on the planet. We eat more just to get the minimal nutrients that are NOT in our food; we’re starving our bodies, so we hold onto the fat stores. Over the next several years, more people will be searching for ways to stay healthier and live a better life. How do you overcome this issue? Get Personalized Supplements For Your Unique Health Transformation with personalized nutrition, exercise, and supplement program.   

This website is called Our mission is to help you date with purpose and help you put the same purpose into achieving better health and increasing your wealth. Now is the time to help those seeing a better solution to transform their health and lifestyle to reach their full health potential. The solutions are a DNA-targeted supplement program that will repair the damage, increase healing time, decrease inflammation in the body, and increase the immune system. Your DNA designs YOU, so your DNA should design your vitamins, too! Optimize your health with a personalized nutrition program linked to your unique genetic makeup. You can “kill two birds with one stone” by getting your great health back on track and starting a low-cost supplement distributor business.

Here are 10 benefits of starting a supplement business.

IDLife provides an easy to run business that allows you to focus on connecting with people, transforming their health, and sharing clients’ success using our products and programs. You don’t need to be a doctor, nurse, or any other trusted health provider to become a distributor and sell supplements and vitamins! You are the boss, so you run your business your way! You receive a fully functioning business when you sign up.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we will teach you strategies to become successful in owning a business. Additionally, if you wish to grow your business quickly, we will offer you world-class business marketing via the most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created! The marketing training ensures you learn how to sell supplements and grow any other business on the planet. You will receive a deep discount on this program because you partnered with our company.


Market America. Market America’s UnFranchise Business is a low-cost startup that allows you to start a business for less money.Your Market America business provides state-of-the-art management systems and marketing tools to grow a successful business and make money via several streams of income.

These websites allow you to become an unlimited individual, be your boss, start an unfranchised business, and grow successfully in an industry that has helped others gain freedom from the 9 to 5.

Here is a list of the websites you can make money from advertising your new business below:

  1. Market America.Market America’sUnFranchise Business is a proven plan for your financial success.Market America Worldwide provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility & the opportunity to own multiple business locations.:
  2. Shopping Annuity.The Shopping Annuity® is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through SHOP:
  3. Isotonix Liquid vitamins – The World’s Most Advanced Nutraceuticals:
  4. Lumiere De Vie – rejuvenated, luminous, beautiful-looking skin (Women and Men):
  5. Motives By Loren Ridinger – Make-up and Skin Care:
  6. Shopping online to get deals and make money buying the things you already are boing to buy:
  7. TLS Weight Loss Solution :


Home-based Travel Agent businesses are back on the rise as many people are starting to travel post-COVID-19 pandemic. We have been running our Travel Agent business since 2010 and have kept our client base happy and traveling. Yes, our Agency slows down during the pandemic just like all businesses; however, our agency travel clients have increased by 28% in 2022. Additionally, we have grown more Home-based Agents and Independent Booking Agents. If you wish to gain more financial freedom, a home-based business is a way to go! The travel industry is rising, and we want you to take advantage of this business opportunity.

The travel agent sets your own schedules and works from home to book all types of a fun vacation, including air, hotel, rental car, tours, or cruise reservations, and get paid great commissions.

Starting your business with us is a great partnership that allows you to take advantage of all the business growth, personalized services, resources and receive awesome support to grow a successful business. Did we mention you get paid great commission selling groups, destination weddings, family vacations, romantic travel, and even religious travel?

This page is about wealth building.However, self-care and your health are the most important things you can do to stay centered, live your best life, and find a place of calm in the middle of your hectic world.We all find ourselves needing extra help to make positive changes in our health, life, and business.Our parent company offers coaching in Business, Building Wealth, Career, Finance, Health, Life, Love, and Relationship.

Additionally, our 90-Day Transformation Coaching Programslisted below can help you on your journey to living a better life.We offer health and wellness with all of our programs because without your health; you can’t build wealth!:

  • 90-Day Accountability – Identity – Weeding out Procrastination Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Career Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Dating Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Health Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day High-Performance Coaching
  • 90-Day Life Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Love & Relationship Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Money & Wealth Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Ultimate Life – Which & What is Greater Coaching
  • 90-Day Weight Loss Transformational Coaching

The Core of all our programs:

  • Habit Change Coaching: We help you Change or Modify your Self-Limiting Behaviors
  • Belief Change Coaching: Challenge and Change your unsuccessful Beliefs to weed out self-doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination, and underperformance issues.
  • Identity Change Coaching: ReThink, ReAdjust, and ReSet the Identity of past Bad Habits.Your identity was set as a child, and it can take longer to adjust it to a new and successful you!We help you ReSet to an adult environment and current conditions.
  • Presence-Based Coaching: Understanding how your body, mind, spirit, and well-being are the key to a successful life, improved health, and increased wealth.

Self-care means making time – even if it’s just a few minutes – to rest, breathe, meditate, or have a cup of tea to realign your body and soul.Pause to be mindful of the good things around you or the good things and people in your life!Being kind to yourself is key to you staying healthy and building wealth.If you wish to learn how to build your health and increase your wealth,sign up for our coaching programs or take one of our courses.  You will find them in our shop.