Be Authenticity – Date and Be Yourself

Be yourself, and people will love you for who you are and not whom you try to be, and it is hard keeping your “representative” on stage. So, be yourself! Men and women love to date educated, honest, smart, witty, and people with a “sense of humor,” On our dating website, thousands if not millions of profiles list that they are looking for a man or woman who does not play games and someone who can make them laugh.  Here is five-ways to be more authentic as a person and when dating:

  1. Speaking your opinions honestly in a healthy way and be truthful about your life, living situation, and dating desires!
  2. Making decisions that align with your values, beliefs, and desires. If you are looking for a Christian, “God Fearing,” Non-Smoker (420), Married or Unmarried, Height Restrictions, Race, Body Shape, Attractiveness, Age, Location, Long Distance, Children or No Children, Small Children or All 18+ Age and the many other dating deal-breaker; stand on what you want in your life or DON’T wish to deal with in dating. It is not advisable to go into a dating relationship to change a person into what you are looking for in a man or woman; they must be that person when you meet them.
  3. Pursuing your passions and being passionate about dating. Pursuing your passion is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship before dating, dating while dating, and after you break up with someone. You will always have your passion, health, business in place. It is hopeful that your date is just as passionate about dating you and matches your healthy passions in life.
  4. Listening to the inner voice guiding you forward and when your gut tells a relationship is not going to work with that the person you are speaking to on the phone before a date, be honest an opinion out of the date before it starts. Not two hours before! 
  5. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open-hearted. This can be a hard one to master in dating. In my interview with couples and single women, this area is where men have a hard time. Daters, please recognize that most people are close off due to the pain experienced from past relationships, so handle new love with care because it is precious. 



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